About Us

Years in the business has taught us the ins and outs of the IRS. We can easily apply our knowledge and expertise to help with your particular case. We are passionate about what we do and will exhaust every possible resource in bringing you a fair resolution. No matter your situation, we’re ready to face the IRS head on. Leave the stress to us so you can start moving forward.

Blackhawk Tax Solutions specializes in delinquent tax resolution, aggressively representing people against the IRS and helping people get their life back on track.

We are committed to mitigating the process and representing you against the IRS. With an unparalleled drive for success, you will feel confident knowing that Blackhawk Tax Solutions is on your side.


Phase 1: Consultation

We gather all information relevant to your situation and scrutinize each piece so we can lay the groundwork to map a strategy.

Phase 2: Strategy

Through this process of exploration, we’ll investigate every possible solution so you feel confident knowing we’ll take the best course of action.

Phase 3: Representation

After laying the groundwork and building a solid case, we’ll go up against the IRS on your behalf. Armed with years of experience and an intimate understanding of your situation, we won’t lose this fight.