Tax Payment Plan

IRS Support

Otherwise known as an installment agreement, this is the most commonly used option by the IRS. This resolution option is great for taxpayers that are capable of making monthly payments that work for them.

Although it’s common, it’s certainly not an easy route for clients to take on their own. Many of the clients we work with had previously tried, and they found it to be troublesome and frustrating. Don’t let this trouble you...we completely understand! We specialize in negotiating payment plans to the IRS and/or State. Upon engaging Blackhawk Tax Solutions, we will immediately get to work creating a streamlined payment plan that works for YOUR best interest while ensuring that you are completely protected. Our biggest goal is to bring you peace of mind and get your tax problems behind you for good!

We know this business like the back of our hands, and we’ll do whatever necessary to make sure you’re taken care of.

Give Blackhawk Tax Solutions a call today, before the IRS or state takes any further action!



Our Services include: Offer in Compromise | Penalty Abatement | Tax Lien | Tax Levy | Tax Payment Plan

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